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Product: Fresh Grapefruit
Type: White Marsh
Origin: Israel
Season: September-May
Sizes options: 24-60
Packing: 15-kg Open Top Cartons.
Carton Size: 60cm x 40cm x 16.6cm
1 full 40ft Container: 21 Pallets (20P*70C+1P*52C=) Total of 1,452 Cartons.
1,452 Cartons * 15kg/Carton = 21,780 kg.
Shipping Conditions Refrigirated Container: +2c Degrees.
Payment Terms: 50% Deposit in Advance at order time.
50% Before Shipment.
Labeling: As Packing House Default.
MOQ: 1 x 40ft Container, 21,780kg.
Delivery Time:  14 Days from order & Deposit